Solcon Drive Start

Medium voltage soft-starter with IGBT technology.

The Drive Start from Solcon provides significant technical innovation for starting medium voltage motors with a starting current lower than the rated motor current and torque up to 160 % of nominal torque. This technology allows an almost infinite number of start and substantial energy savings during startup and operation of the motor . Combining benefits and robustness of Thyristors starters with the flexibility and the IGBT Transistor technology, Drive Start presents a soft Starter method significantly lower in price compare to a medium-voltage inverter.

Solcon Drive Start Application

Specifications :

  • Supply voltage: 6.6 kV up to 50-60 Hz +/- 10%
  • Motor Power up to 5 Mw 6.6 kV
  • Eliminates current spikes at startup
  • Allows starting currents below the rated current (10 to 120% In)
  • Allows a starting torque equal to or greater than the rated motor torque (up to 160% Cn)
  • Provide linear acceleration and deceleration (up to 600 sec)
  • Torque, current and speed fully controlled during acceleration and deceleration of the motor
  • No or very reduced voltage drop during start of the motor.
  • Full motor protection
  • Robust design for ambient temperature up to 50 ° C
  • Synchronization detection system with the network (patented)
  • Voltage Electronic transformer using a fiber optic transmission (patented)
  • Transmission of the firing pulses of the transistors by optical fibers
  • Standard protection class of the control cabinet: IP 54 (other protection can be delivered optional)
  • Communication Rs 485 Modbus, Profibus or optional Modbus TCP
  • Analog Output current image option