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> CoDeSys : de standard in IEC 61131-3 voor controllers en PLC programmatie





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The controller development system CoDeSys is the heart of the Automation Suite from 3S-Smart Software Solutions and contains the complete funcionality of a modern development tool.

CoDeSys is more

The CoDeSys Automation Suite is a comprehensive software tool for industrial automation technology. All common automation tasks solved by means of software can be realized with the CoDeSys Suite based on the wide-spread controller and PLC development system of the same name. The architecture of CoDeSys can be divided into three basic layers:

Development Layer
The development layer contains the PLC development system CoDeSys with the programming possibilities, a complete online and offline functionality, the compilers as well as additional components for configuration, visualization etc. Optional components for motion control for example round off the functional scope. Customized extensions based on the CoDeSys Automation Platform open the system for non-programmable field bus devices.

Communication Layer
Communication between the development and the device layer is based on the CoDeSys Gateway Server which is equipped with an OPC Server.

Device Layer
Before a device can be operated with the IEC 61131-3 development tool CoDeSys, its counterpart on the device layer, the runtime system CoDeSys Control, has to be implemented. Here the functionality can also be extended with optional CoDeSys components such as the CoDeSys Target Visualization or the CoDeSys Web Visualization.

CoDeSys flow

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